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20 giugno 2023
5 /5
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13 dicembre 2022
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I had an older mtb that I put the Country ATs on in a time of necessity and was quite impressed so when I got a bit newer bike for just playing around on I was planning on getting another set of the ATs but when I saw these I decided to give them a shot seeing as how impressed I was with the ones I already owned, which are still going strong and have plenty of fun left on them. I have to say that I am equally impressed with these, if not even a bit more so. I have also experimented with different configurations of the two being that both my bikes are similar in speeds and brake options and the same size so it's fairly easy to switch them around. My favorite is these up front and the ATs at the rear, which is actually how I have both bikes set up and will likely keep that way. The ATs dig in and get going good while these can be shoved into almost any semi difficult terrain you will likely encounter off road and they'll guide the bike to where you want them to and the ATs will follow them through with the traction to get you out the other side. I highly recommend these and the ATs for most non race, semi technical to fairly difficult terrains that a casual rider will experience. Grab some and go! I also scored these for just over $40 for 2 tires and had them in less than a week. Shop around for the deals Direct... wink wink! Even at regular price, which is still quite affordable these are among the best values in mtb tires there are anywhere at any price range. There are much pricier tires that do one thing well, and cheaper tires that do nothing well. These are the best balance of price vs. performance hands down. I've had many bikes with many tire configurations over the years so I speak from actual riding experience.

Best value tire I've used on my mtbs!

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MICHELIN 52-559 (26X2.00) COUNTRY TRAIL TLR 52-559 (26x2.00HOOKED, HOOKLESS)

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52 - 559

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