Il primo pneumatico Road tubeless di Michelin

  • ROAD


michelin bike road power road tlr tubeless ready


Efficienza di rotolamento
Con la tecnologia Tubeless Ready migliora le tue prestazioni e l'efficienza

Eccezionale robustezza
Grazie alla sua carcassa 4x120 TPI che migliora la robustezza del pneumatico e offre maggiore comfort a bassa pressione

Ottima durata
Grazie alla mescola X-Race progettata per ottimizzare l'usura del battistrada.


La tecnologia Disc Brake Ready permette al pneumatico di affrontare le eccezionali frenate delle bici con freno a disco grazie ad una mescola di gomma specificamente adattata.

michelin bike road power road tlr technologies


X-Race Compound : Nuova mescola di gomma che unisce resistenza al rotolamento aderenza e forma dell’usura per migliorare la durata dei pneumatici

michelin bike road power road tlr technology


michelin power road board en

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Amazing tire with some engineering/manufacturing problems and awful customer service

Relu - 22 ottobre 2020

I was very excited about this tire and indeed it did not disappoint. I set it up tubeless with stans no tubes sealant and did everything by the book. It took a little longer to make it pop on the beads of the rim but once on, it looked great. Riding this tire is really nice, the rolling and grip are great. I cannot say anything about puncture resistance but I assume it shouldn't be a problem. My main issue with the tire is that the sidewalls are so porous that sealant is seeping through the sidewalls for about 2 weeks now and it is not sealing. I loose pressure over night from 80 psi to 40 psi, and even at 40 psi it still does't seal the sidewalls. Since I go fast on the bike I need to trust my tires and this is not a tire I would trust right now. I called customer service and without giving names I was not really helped out, even more so I was told that the warranty of the tire was void since I used sealant and this tire is meant to run with no sealant. As much as I tried to educate the customer service representative about the tubeless systems in bike world, my patience was running thin and I stopped talking about the technical part of the tire. I called customer service to ask for advice and in the end I gave them a lesson about their tire, its features, tire sealant and road bike tubeless tires only to be told that I have to buy a new tire from their brand of course, send the receipt and I will be reimbursed for the original purchased. Wait what? No thank you. I understand that the tire is new and their might be a engineering or manufacturing problem but why am I paying for that? Now I am left with this tire that looses way to much pressure for it to be safe especially since there is a minimum pressure on it, and I have to either find a solution to the tire sealing or replace the tire on my own expense. Thank you but no thank you. This is the case number 01779611 I got from customer service.

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3 misure disponibili per questo pneumatico


25-622 (700X25C)
Misura ETRTO 25 - 622
Peso (g) 275
Pressione (BAR) 8/5
Camera d'aria A1,A2
Colore BLACK
28-622 (700X28C)
Misura ETRTO 28 - 622
Peso (g) 305
Pressione (BAR) 8/5
Camera d'aria A2
Colore BLACK
32-622 (700X32C)
Misura ETRTO 32 - 622
Peso (g) 350
Pressione (BAR) 8/5
Camera d'aria A2/A3
Colore BLACK
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