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Viaggiare sull’asfalto e sulle piste ciclabili, con un pneumatico super rinforzato e polivalente

michelin bike city protek robustness


Grazie alla nuova generazione di rinforzi da 5 mm che offrono un'eccezionale protezione contro le forature

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Great grip, cannot puncture but heavy

Chris - 29 ottobre 2020

After 5 years of use (avarage use, 90% asphalt, 10% dirt, always stored indoors) the front one is still at 100% usable but it might be time to change it in the following months. The rear was swooped after 3-4 years of use. Grip is just fine as long as you don't think you are Rossi. It never felt slippery. On rain or old super smooth asphalt at reasonable speeds, panic breaks or above its top rated speed (60km/h, I went 66km/h) followed by intence breaking, the front tire lost its grip only ONCE. Resently I was going 20 km/h on a sharp turn on a mountain road with VERY smooth asphalt and some and some pine needles, and I didn't even fall. It found its grip again very fast and I managed to stay up. Also, it was proven to be impossible for thorns to puncture it. Saved me a lot of money on tubes. But you pay for it in weight. About double the weight of a normal tire. A pair of these will add about 1Kg to your bike compared to regular tires (though you may not care about 1Kg). Also the gyroscopic forces are much higher. At speeds above about 50km/h it's weird when you try to turn the handlebars. Though, I don't know how often you will need to turn while going faster than 50km/h, I never have. TL;DR If you have problems with punctured tires, and you don't want to go crazy fast, this is a very good choice. But if don't care about an unbreakable tire, go with something else.

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  • Grip
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  • Robustness
  • Rolling resistance
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9 misure disponibili per questo pneumatico


37-406 (20X1.50)
Misura ETRTO 37 - 406
Peso (g) 625
Pressione (BAR) 5/2.5
Camera d'aria G4
Colore BLACK
47-507 (24X1.85)
Misura ETRTO 47 - 507
Peso (g) 1145
Pressione (BAR) 4/2
Camera d'aria E4
Colore BLACK
47-559 (26X1.85)
Misura ETRTO 47 - 559
Peso (g) 1235
Pressione (BAR) 6/2.5
Camera d'aria C4
Colore BLACK
35-559 (26X1.40)
Misura ETRTO 35 - 559
Peso (g) 750
Pressione (BAR) 5/2.5
Camera d'aria C2
Colore BLACK
37-622 (700X35C)
Misura ETRTO 37 - 622
Peso (g) 855
Pressione (BAR) 6/2.5
Camera d'aria A3
Colore BLACK
28-622 (700X28C)
Misura ETRTO 28 - 622
Peso (g) 725
Pressione (BAR) 6/4
Camera d'aria A2
Colore BLACK
42-622 (700X40C)
Misura ETRTO 42 - 622
Peso (g) 980
Pressione (BAR) 6/2.5
Camera d'aria A3
Colore BLACK
40-622 (700X38C)
Misura ETRTO 40 - 622
Peso (g) 950
Pressione (BAR) 6/2.5
Camera d'aria A3
Colore BLACK
32-622 (700X32C)
Misura ETRTO 32 - 622
Peso (g) 740
Pressione (BAR) 6/4
Camera d'aria A2
Colore BLACK
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